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Paula Parisot's
Blog Column
photo of Paula Parisot


January 27, 2006

Keep it Positive

Having a positive mental attitude is important if you want to exhibit confidence and build trusting relationships with your sales clients. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try negative thoughts find a way of creeping up on us at the most critical times, like on a cold call or a big sales meeting.

Fortunately, most sales and psychological experts have addressed this issue and you can scout for the ideas that work for you. It's also nice to hear of how a salesperson turned their life around by realizing his faults weren't for all to see.

Charlie Greer, sales trainer, shares with readers at Contracting Business his inspirational story of how he overcame depression, went on to be successful in sales, and now helps others become successful salespeople.

read story from Contracting Business .

Step Into Your Customer's Shoes

You might be selling the best widget or service in the world but if your customers do not realize the benefit your products offer them, forget it. You need to capture their attention with vivid images of how your product will make their lives better.

Lena Basha of MyBusiness Magazine explores the sales and marketing campaign of Marc Lagen, owner of Durable Plastics, and how his sales increased after he understood the meaning of "seeing through your customer's eyes. "

Lagen's products are environmentally safe, an aspect he felt the buyer should really appreciate. It wasn't until he addressed the other direct benefits that his sales have noticeably increased.

"Being good for the environment is good, but it's not enough, " he says in the article. "It doesn't address the 'What's in it for me?' syndrome. Unless you answer that question and tell the customer that buying your product will benefit them in some way, you're not going to make the sale. "

read story from My Business Magazine .

January 25, 2006

Successful Sales Profile

A Chicago grandmother outsells all of the other salespeople at the car dealership she works for. Her approach, which earns her birthday cards and gifts after the sale from her customers, appears rooted in building trust.

People buy from people they like and trust. Identifying with the customer -- for instance graduating from the same school, living in the same neighborhood or having mutual friends -- is a good way to build a trusting rapport.

And nothing strikes familiarity more than a family-like connection, although this is not the case in most sales situations. But an alternative level of connection could be made if the salesperson adapts his or her personality to one that the buyer can identify with as a family member.

This technique appears to be working for the number one salesperson at a Chevrolet car dealership in Chicago. Yvonne Hawk, a grandmother, sells more cars than her colleagues at the dealership greatly due in part to her gender and age, according to a segment from the radio show This American Life produced by Sarah Koenig at WBEZ in Chicago.

read all of Paula's story at MortgageDaily.com
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Preparation is Key

Next to your time spent closing the sale, spending time preparing for the meeting is the most valuable time spent in the sales process. Any sales expert will tell you that you have to be prepared to make the sale. This includes background research on the people you are to meet with, their company, what they do, who their customers are, and which of your competitors they might be considering.

Entrepreneur and columnist Norm Brodsky shares his sales and work experience with readers at Inc.com. Brodsky's latest "Street Smarts" column stresses the importance of being prepared when meeting with clients and how to integrate value propositions when meeting with them.

"Before the customer's people arrive, I go online to find out as much as I can about the organization's structure, mission, and history," Brodsky reveals. "My salespeople give me a full briefing on the visitors I'm about to meet--what they're like as individuals, whom else they're considering, how the decision will be made, and so on."

read story from Inc. Magazine .

Stand Out in the Crowd

With competitors on every corner it has become exceedingly harder to differentiate one's business from the others. Building sales relationships and great customer service has become the key to success in today's competitive business world.

The key elements of maintaining a productive sales relationship involve patience, accurate note taking, follow-through, and honesty according to sales trainer Ralph Palmer.

Palmer explains to readers at Kitchen & Bath Design News that relationship building gives a salesperson the chance to stand out from the crowd and offers tips on how to best treat your sales "partners."

Setting timely parameters for decision-making, Palmer says, can also help the salesperson control the selling process and address issues of impatience.

read story from Kitchen and Bath Design News .

January 24, 2006

Great Conversations Sell

Presentation -- another word that gives a rigid connotation. Robert Bly, author of Magnetic Selling: Develop the Charm and Charisma that Attract Customers and Maximize Sales, suggests that salespeople rename "presentation" to "conversation."

Bly tells readers at SellingPower.com that when you "prepare for a conversation" you will feel much more relaxed and be more effective in your "pitch." In free flowing conversation, he says, the agenda can be flexible.

Bly also suggests to repeat to your customer their concerns to ensure you have full understanding, be sure to devote 100% of your attention to the customer when he is speaking and take notes so you don't forget to address the important issues in your follow-up.

"The key is to remember that you are not in the meeting to ‘give a pitch,' as so many salespeople and consultants mistakenly believe," Bly explains. "You are there to help the prospect solve a problem or achieve an objective."

read story from Selling Power .

Warm Breezy Meetings

Cold calling should be named something else. The connotation in its name is that the process is rigid and the people uncaring. If you have the mindset that you are there to help the prospect it should be a breeze to introduce yourself and let them know what you have to offer them to make their jobs or life easier.

Ralph LoVuolo, Sr., president of the consulting firm Mortgage Motivator, shares with readers at Originator Times his ideas of what an initial sales meeting should include to be productive and positive.

The five basic rules LoVuolo shares are: Be prepared, dress well, tell them what they want to know, give the costs, and close the deal. Read on for the details.

read story from Originator Times .

January 23, 2006

Get Smart

Some psychology experts will tell you that your environment becomes you, literally. What you surround yourself with -- including your friends -- blends itself into your reality. Do you educate yourself with your surroundings? Do you keep successful, positive friends, read informative literature and attend educational events?

Colleen Stanley shares with readers at BizWomen.com the importance of knowledge and how it applies to yours sales career. Stanley offers nine tips that can help you expand your areas of knowledge and increase your sales.

"Make it a goal to be the'go to' salesperson -- the person who knows the most about a niche and how your particular product or service adds value,”" Stanley says. Other ideas include finding a mentor, joining trade associations, and studying businesses and their best practices.

read story from the Denver Business Journal .

January 18, 2006

AppExchange Goes Live

Salesforce.com, which says its customers and partners were not put off by the recent network outage, went live Tuesday with AppExchange, an eBay-type site for business applications.
read story from developer pipeline .

January 16, 2006

Problems at Salesforce.com

On Dec. 20, Salesforce.com suffered a nearly 5 hour outage -- topping a list of issues facing the CRM, or customer relationship management, software firm.
read story from e-week news .

January 12, 2006

Salesman Calls Customer'Scumbag'

A two-minute voice message left by a salesman for a window and siding company offers sales people a perfect example of how to fail in selling.
read story from wis10 news .

Big Texas Closer

The biggest mortgage sales person in Texas, who does business in a not-so-big town, says niche programs have played a lead role in her success.

Phebe Ellis of PrimeWest Mortgage Corp. was recently named the Top Producer of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association for her volume of $27.9 million in the first three quarters of the year.

TMBA honored the PrimeWest senior vice president at the 55th Annual Educational Seminar and Marketplace it recently held in Dallas. Ellis closed about $2 million and $5 million more than the second and third top-producing individuals, respectively.

Ellis attributed her success to "working for a great company and having an excellent team": the processor, closers and underwriters who help her on a daily basis.Additionally, the award, "displayed proudly, ... has definitely helped" at the office and with referrals, she indicated.

read full story at MortgageDaily.com
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Paula Parisot reports news and reviews sales books for MortgageDaily.com.

articles by Paula Parisot

Email Paula at: PaulaParisot@CloserBlog.com

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