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Archive of CloserBlog.com dating back to 2005.

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Sales Insights from
Reporter Paula Parisot

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August 26, 2005

Determining your potential customer's motivation could help increase your sales if you understand how to work with emotion. As recent research has shown, people often buy based on emotion. There are those that are better motivated by fear, others are motivated more by desire.

And then there are those who are motivated by a little of both, as Howard VanEs, sales columnist explains to readers at SellingPower.com. VanEs discusses the main points of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how it fits into the selling process.

VanEs explains there are three types of personalities we sell to, the "move away" type, the "move towards," and the combination type. "Once you begin to recognize the way your prospect prefers to be motivated and adapt accordingly, you'll start to see an increase in your sales and find it much easier to motivate a wider variety of personality types."

read story at Selling Power

Once you have gained the trust from a customer and they are willing to buy from you, you have the opportunity to maximize the sale -- if you do it properly. Cross-selling and up-selling should evolve naturally so the customer does not feel as if you are pressuring them into buying more for "your" benefit. If you do try to take advantage of their trust they will see through your scheme, potentially blowing the whole sale.

Business journalist and editor/publisher of Bizbest.com Daniel Kehrer offers some great ideas to readers at DailyBreeze.com on how to incorporate cross-selling and up-selling in your sales plan. Kehrer advises salespeople to maintain relevance in while cross-selling, offer a range of prices when up-selling, and offer price breaks on "package deals."

read story at the Daily Breeze

Sales experts, such as Stephan Schiffman author of 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, will tell you that to be successful you need to show genuine interest in helping your customers do what they do better. In other words, your efforts must be on their behalf, not your own. Your sales quotas should be set aside, your paycheck must be the last thing on your mind when you are trying to close that deal.

Timothy Bednarz, PhD, principle partner for American Management Development Group and contributing writer at SalesVantage.com asks the question "Are You Too Self Involved?"

That is a great question to ask yourself when you are in sales. Can you concentrate on your customer's needs or do you experience psychological noise during your meetings? Because as Bednarz points out, your customers will see through you if you are too "self-focused."

read story at SalesVantage.com

August 24, 2005

Never pass up a chance to learn more, especially in such a competitive field as sales. It's important to be confident in this business but one can often be humble enough to learn from those who have more experience.

Just as Barry Farber, author of The 12 Cliches of Selling admits he learned from those who were "willing to take him under their wings" you too can benefit from the expertise of others who are willing to share their advice with you.

Farber offers ideas and an inside look at working with those who are "SAME -- Smarter And More Experienced" in this article for Entreprenuer.com. He says to let them "toot their own horn" and acknowledge their expertise but don't tell them how much you know about their business -- find out what they have to say first before divulging your own research. And most of all, he says, "learn something from them."

read story at Entrepreneur.com

Recapping and reminding us of the complex fast-paced sales world we live in, Ian Widdop of Growth Partners details the sales process in an article for Bizcommunity.com "The Forgotten Art of Closing the Sale."

While it's true that selling is an art, involving many variables and an assorted array of personalities, there are some tried and true techniques that everyone can apply when attempting to close the sale.

Like Widdop states, it helps if one can hold a high self-esteem and understand that inevitably some customers will be saying "no." Try not to take it personally, even when you feel as if your customer is your friend.

"Remember that while relationship building is fundamental to selling," Widdop advises, "it merely supports the close, and does not supersede it."

read story at BIZCOMMUNITY.com

Sales experts say there are certain characteristics and/or habits that are consistently displayed by successful salespeople. Some of those traits and habits are inherent while others can be learned.

Barbara Mednick, Star Tribue Sales and Marketing columnist discusses those factors that can lead to sales success with executives at two local companies. Kevin Fratzke VP, MSI Integrators says, "You need excellent relationship-building skills because people buy from salespeople they like and trust."

And Beth Wellesley, president Promoting Brilliance, Inc. says, "When salespeople understand the behavior choices needed to sell customers and clients solutions, their sales will increase."

Both executives share a detailed analysis of what it takes for you to be a successful salesperson with readers at StarTribune.com.

read story at the Star Tribune

August 22, 2005

No matter what area of sales you are in there is one common philosophy for sales success -- and that is to do more listening than talking. Some say you should listen twice as much as you speak, others will advise you to follow the 80/20 rule, listen 80 percent of the time and speak percent.

Author of Small Business Is Like A Bunch Of Bananas and host of The Small Business Advocate Show, Jim Blasingame says he has developed a new way to remember this aspect of selling called Shut Up -- Listen -- Sell, or SULS. And a few key points to remember about this technique, he says, are to keep them talking while maintaining eye contact and to really concentrate on what they are saying.

Blasingame also advises readers at CommercialAppeal.com to wait three seconds after your customer finishes speaking before responding; this will help you absorb what they are saying and give you time to think about what you will say next.

read article from Commercial Appeal

If we lived without fear, we would be able to do anything, and life would be a piece of cake. But it is fear that keeps us safe from harm, so it is equally important that we be able to feel that emotion.

Fear is also one of the reasons some salespeople cannot excel in their career, according to an article at The Green Sheet. Fear they say may be the culprit keeping you from increasing your sales and becoming the top performer at your company.

There are ways to overcome you fears -- fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of the known, fear of rejection, and fear of feeling foolish. The Green Sheet offers solutions to overcoming those fears and how to use them to motivate, not stagnate.

read story from the Green Sheet

Grabbing the attention of the "decision-maker" is an important factor when trying to stand out from the crowd. Once you have their attention, begin establishing a rapport so that you are recognized immediately when you call his or her office.

Sales trainer and columnist Jeffrey Gitomer explains to readers at Bizjournals.com that there are, in fact, ways to gain the attention of your potential clients and increase your chances of making a sale. Gitomer advises salespeople to investigate the company you are dealing with by scouring the business journals and news for bits of information that would make for good conversation, prepare a compelling 30-second message, and/or send a personal note.

After all, Gitomer explains, "it's not who you know, it's who knows you."

read story from Biz Journals

Paula Parisot reports news and reviews sales books for MortgageDaily.com.

articles by Paula Parisot

Email Paula at: PaulaParisot@CloserBlog.com

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