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Last Updated Friday, October 10, 2008 10:00 PM Texas Time

Paula Parisot's
Blog Column
photo of Paula Parisot

October 10, 2008

Stay In Touch

If you are losing clients, you need to know why. Sometimes those clients just donít want to share with you that they are leaving for a better deal or someone they trust more, or perhaps it is someone that took the pains to keep in touch when you didnít. Fact is, you need to stay on top of your existing client base so you can prepare for future sales.

Hereís a great excerpt from Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlinghamís book The Knack: How Street-Smart Entrepreneurs Learn To Handle Whatever Comes Up posted by John Caddell at PennLive.com. A great way to learn is from the mistakes of successful people.

Read story from PennLive.com

Mind Power

The power of the mind is a tricky thing. Psychologists will tell you that mentally practicing an activity is almost as good as the real thing. That is why visualizing your success plays an important role in being a successful salesperson.

Rich Wilkins shares with readers at SellingPower.com the story of one man who perfected his golf game by mentally playing it over and over in his head while he was a prisoner of war for seven years.

Read story from SellingPower

October 9, 2008

Positively Charged

On a positive note, letís take a look at the silver lining this cloud of financial Armageddon brings. Is there a positive side? There can be. You could take a little downtime to invest in yourself and knowledge until things pick back up. And you know they will. But donít stop prospecting and keeping in touch with your clientele.

In the meantime, hereís how to keep your pipeline brimming so you can keep closing those loans, or car deals, or whatever widget you have to offer those folks in need.

Mark Schneider offers readers at Training Magazine five principles to build better pipelines.

Read story from Training Magazine

Got Inspiration?

Need more ideas on how not to slump into a depression during this economic uncertainty? Hereís a great article to keep you moving in these trying times.

Speaker and author Gregory P. Smith shares with readers at BusinessKnowHow 10 top sales and marketing tips that will inspire you to get busy and take advantage of those competitors that just canít find their way in the dark.

Read story from BusinessKnowHow

October 7, 2008

Don't Stagnate

Just because the economy is slumping doesnít mean you have to. Get out there and move it. A lot of salespeople will take this opportunity to whine and complain that this is why they canít sell. When really, now is the time to get out there and take advantage of those lazy bums who blame everything but themselves for their failure. Less competition for you!

Joanne Black shares eight great tips with readers at ManageSmarter magazine on how to find business and keep yourself afloat during the rocky times.

Read story from ManageSmarter

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  Paula Parisot reports news and reviews sales books for MortgageDaily.com.

articles by Paula Parisot

Email Paula at: PaulaParisot@CloserBlog.com

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