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Archive of CloserBlog.com dating back to 2005.

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Sales Insights from
Reporter Paula Parisot

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October 14, 2005

Superior customer service, an important element of a successful sales career, can get a boost these days with new and improved Customer Relationship Management solutions that track and note individual preferences such as when to call the client and other personal information that allows the salesperson to custom tailor their professional relationships.

Weaving modern day technology into old-fashioned customer service and adapting to change, Allied Home mortgage has incorporated a new CRM system from Entellium to enable its loan reps to personalize their relationships with lead prospects.

Demir Barlas shares with readers an article featuring Allied's CIO David Langston on Line56.com.

read story at Line 56 E-Business Executive Daily

There are many ways to go about becoming successful in sales. The one common denominator is, whichever route you decide to take, whichever mentor you choose to follow, you must realize that it takes hard work and determination. You can work smarter not harder, but it still is "work."

You've read the books, attended the seminars, bought the motivational tapes...so what is holding you back?

Jeffrey Gitomer, sales trainer and author advises salespeople to ask themselves some eye-opener questions that could lead to the answers you need to motivate yourself into the top sales position at your company.

What exactly are you doing to become the best at what you do? He asks readers at BizJournals.com to evaluate their strategy and decide if they really are moving in the right direction for success.

read story at Biz Journals

Closing approaches will vary dependent on the type of client you are with. The "scared to change" client may need a gentle approach, while the "hurry up and get this over with" kind may need to see the contract first thing. After sizing up your prospect pick your approach.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, SellingPower.com publisher, shares with his readers "Six Ideas to Close More Sales," that can help you creatively close the sale.

One example Gschwandtner gives for a sales meeting that is going nowhere is to set out a brochure and attempt to leave, but before you do, ask the prospect, essentially what went wrong, thus opening the door to the real objective and giving you the chance to re-close the deal.

read story at Selling Power

October 12, 2005

To succeed in sales today you need to drop your old sales habits and pick up the new ones, according to Ari Galper, creator of the sales program Unlock the Game. Galper's program suggests that salespeople need to develop a new mindset for today's new set of buyers.

"Outdated sales skills fail to address the core issue of how we think about selling," he says.

An example, he says, of the old mindset would be to "always start out with a strong sales pitch" while the new mindset would be to begin with a conversation.

Galper shares with readers at MyIDAccess.com ideas on how to switch your gears into the new mindset to increase sales and develop long-term sales relationships.

read story from my ID Access

What do you need to do to become a successful salesperson (if you aren't already)? Good question. Here is a good answer.

Nino Qubein, High Point University president and chairman of Great Harvest Bread Company highlights his ideas of what exactly it is that leads a salesperson to success.

Qubein points out that because modern-day buyers are well educated and value-conscious, and competition is on every corner thanks to the Internet, today's salespeople need to heighten their "selling savvy."

Understanding the selling process as a highly educated professional, he says, as well as, understanding people and your ability to influence them is important to maintaining your sales career.

Qubein shares with readers at MarketingProfs.com other values and behaviors that create successful salespeople including self-discipline, street smarts, and knowing how to execute your sales strategy.

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Visualization techniques have been recommended by some sales experts as a way to rehearse closing that big sale or to confidently preside over that all-important sales meeting. If you can play it out in your mind positively, eventually your brain should travel the path of least resistance and accept nothing short of success.

I recently read a study that reported the brain carves out a pathway each time you practice anything, for example, driving a golf ball straight down the fairway. If it is the first time you hit the ball, your mind might let you hit one of 300 different ways, but as you practice, it starts to eliminate all the wrong ways to drive the ball to where you want it to go. After some practice, you might be down to seven or eight ways to achieve a straight-forward drive. Getting consistently better.

Another research study, interestingly enough, said while dreaming, physiologically your mind does not distinguish between consciousness and subconscious. For example, if it is a sad dream, you might wake up crying or be physically shaken from a nightmare with your heart beating rapidly.

So, if the mind cannot distinguish from reality and dreams then it would make sense that visualization techniques would assist in carving that path to success.

For one performance coach who has himself experienced much success with visualization the techniques have proven true. Jim Fannin has used visualization to help professional athletes, salespeople, CEOs, and others succeed since the late 70s.

Fortune columnist Maggie Overfelt shares with readers her story about Fannin and the use of visualization to achieve success in "The Power of Profitable Thinking."

read story from Fortune

October 10, 2005

Human relationships are at the center of all success, including sales success. Bottom line -- people buy from those they trust and like.

In today's heyday of fast-moving, highly technical work places the notion that relationship-based selling is critical may get shrugged off as we hurriedly try to move on to our next client. However, Steven Sullivan, sales training specialist says as salespeople we need to keep our professional relationships in perspective to maintain longevity in our sales careers.

"Successful salespeople make themselves indispensable to their customers," Sullivan explains to readers at MyIDAccess.com. "They become trusted and loyal business advisors. They know that a customer relationship is not the means to an end, it is the end."

Sullivan offers key points to remember when developing sales relationships and what not to do in order to maintain the clients trust.

read story at my ID Access

Familiarity of proper etiquette is important in all areas of one's life but especially in sales -- when you are trying to create long-term relationships. The impact of first impressions cannot be forgotten as well as simple kind gestures and good manners.

Barbara Hudock, managing principal of Hudock Moyer Wealth Management shares with readers at AdvisorToday.com the life and sales philosophy that has helped her attain the success she enjoys today.

Hudock advises sales people to be accountable and commit themselves to doing what is right for the client, even if it means losing the sale. Another important point Hudock makes is the salesperson should make those around them aware that they too play an integral part of your client's experience.

"The receptionist sets the stage for your communications with your clients; she can make your life easier or harder," she said. "We recently renamed our receptionist our ‘Coordinator of First and Lasting Impressions.'" Now, Hudock says, the receptionist can see herself as a warm-up act.

read story from Advisor Today

Paula Parisot reports news and reviews sales books for MortgageDaily.com.

articles by Paula Parisot

Email Paula at: PaulaParisot@CloserBlog.com

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