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Archive of CloserBlog.com dating back to 2005.

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Insights from Paula Parisot
photo of Paula Parisot
Paula Parisot

Sales Wire
December 23, 2005

Taking Action

When creating your sales plan for next year, don't forget to add some expert advice from these blog entries, such as the one below and those in the archives. In fact, if you haven't already, add CloserBlog.com to your favorites for easy access to a daily dose of sales motivation and advice.

Taking action to become proactive in your sales career can help boost your sales for next year, according to Todd Duncan, author of High-Trust Selling, in an article written by Renee Houston Zemanski.

Zemanski relays Duncan's advice to readers at SellingPower.com regarding the importance of taking control of your sales career by initiating the "law of relativity."

"One positive action usually elicits another positive action. One negative action elicits another negative reaction," Duncan explains. "No action at all opens the door to the unexpected and possibly unwelcome. Become proactive about the way you do business."

read story from Selling Power .

December 22, 2005

Plan for the New Year

As this year comes to an end, it's important to reflect on the successes you have had, make a note to remember them and figure out a way to ensure they are incorporated into your sales plan for the New Year.

Don't focus on what went wrong, pay attention to what went right and repeat it.

Laura Laaman, sales speaker and author, shares with readers at BizJournals.com the benefits of scheduling a private moment with yourself and great ways to develop a successful sales plan for the coming year.

Find a place for peace and quiet such as the library, Laaman explains, and work out a sales plan that will produce increased sales for 2006.

read story from Biz Journals .

Unconventional Sales Moves

'Be prepared'.

The age-old saying of the Boy Scouts. Sales experts will tell you that preparation is key to making any sale and if you can do thorough background research before meeting with your client your chances to close the deal are greatly improved.

You have scoured the industry magazines and surfed the Internet and it seems like you have a ton of background information, however, there is more to learn. What about researching your customer's customer?

Using unconventional means to fill your conventional sales quotas, Mark Matteson, sales trainer and author says, can definitely be the means to an end. Matteson shares with readers at ContractorMag.com a working example of how using the back door can prove to be a lucrative move.

read story from Contractor Mag .

December 21, 2005

Keys to Success

For optimum sales performance, Barry Farber, author of The 12 Cliches of Selling, says you might need to address a few personal topics. The first of which Farber discusses is the environment you surround yourself with.

Do you read purposeful literature that helps you in your sales job? Do you socialize with people who support your efforts and help you maintain a positive, intelligent outlook? Do you tell yourself daily that you are a deserving and successful individual?

As Farber says and a lot of other sales (and psychological) experts would agree, "we are the products of our environment." This would also follow the course that we are what we think we are, so the need to instill intrinsic values and a positive "inner" voice is imperative for those who are to succeed in sales -- where rejection can loom intensely.

Farber shares with readers at Entreprenuer.com more about this subject and other keys to success in sales.

read article from Entrepreneur Magazine .

December 20, 2005

Ways to Keep 'em Coming Back

People remember the unexpected more than the usual service they receive. An unexpected flight delay might be the first thing one remembers when asked how a vacation turned out, as well as, an unexpected offer of kindness.

Using this philosophy in your sales process can do you well for a few reasons. An unusual addition to your service style or a small token gift that offers a thoughtfulness rarely found these days can help your clients keep you on their list of great people to work with and buy from.

Christopher Elliot, reporter for the New York Times, explores the customer service opportunities that really count when it comes to increasing your sales volume. Elliot shares with readers some excellent ideas that keep the customers coming back.

read story from The New York Times .

December 19, 2005

Listening Styles

For effective communication both the speaker and the listener need to play a part in understanding and retaining what is being said. It's a proven study that there are different ways to process the information we are given, and if you can analyze what type of listener you are speaking to, it could be easier to close the sale

For example, some people need to see what you are talking about to understand, using props or drawing a diagram might be more effective than describing it with words. And others might retain and understand it better if it is put in a story form, or even better in a filmed demonstration. Still others can decipher what you are saying just by the words you use.

Deborah Micek, business communications coach shares with readers at Business Owner's Blog the secrets to understanding how to best communicate with the different listening styles your prospects may have.

read story from The Business Owner's Blog .

Bait and Switch Close

Have you ever tried a "bait and switch" close; sounds a little shady, doesn't it? But, if done properly it allows your prospect to see the real value of what you are offering in a lesser product, and in fact, leaves them with the feeling that they did receive a very good deal.

Reporter Bob Shaw of the St. Paul Pioneer Press shares with readers the story of how Signature Homes of Minneapolis decided to step out of the box with their latest development and built one of their most expensive homes at the entrance of the development.

"It won't matter if it's too costly for some buyers," says Marc Putman of Putman Planning & Design. "They will be drawn in and find the less-expensive houses and town homes further into the neighborhood."

This is a great example of leading the prospect through a "feel good" process so no matter what the outcome, it's always positive experience. How can you apply it to your sales process?

read story from the St. Paul Pioneer Press .

Simple Steps for Sales Success

Traditionally, our goals include achievement of production and monetary goals. And these are important. But more important is addressing the activities that will help you achieve your production success. All goals are achieved one step at a time. You must start with the activities that will help you to achieve your monetary goals.

When was the last time you read a book solely designed to help you develop your business or hone a particular skill? When was the last time you spent a day in a class learning something that would help you succeed, rather than obtaining continuing education credits mandated by your state government?

The point is that you can identify all your monetary and production goals, but the exercise will not have any meaning. It is the actions you take to achieve these goals that is of primary importance. Next year is a new year. Time is not a renewable resource. Every year you waste, you will not get back. It is time you start changing the foundation if you want to change the results. The time to start planning is now

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Paula Parisot reports news and reviews sales books for MortgageDaily.com.

articles by Paula Parisot

Email Paula at: PaulaParisot@CloserBlog.com

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